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Kraken - The Load Testing IDE

Kraken by OctoPerf is a load testing IDE. As such, it lets you develop, debug, execute and analyze load tests.

Upload HAR
Gatling Script
Debug Chunk
Request Response Diff
Grafana Report 1
Grafana Report 2

Kraken heavily relies on Docker. For its own architecture but also to run load testing tools. Currently, the only integrated load testing engine is Gatling, but Kraken is able to run any application that can fit in one (or several) Docker containers.

Kraken also includes InfluxDB and Grafana to store and display test results.

Download and Install

Kraken can be downloaded from our download page and installed on Linux or Windows thanks to Vagrant.

Features Summary

Once installed, Kraken comes with two frontend applications:


Kraken supports Gatling's script import, debug and execution:

Kraken Gatling


Kraken's administration UI is a generic file editor / docker manager.

Kraken Administration