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What is Kraken's Administration Application Purpose?


The Administration application is used to:

  • Manage files present in the data folder of Kraken's installation,
  • Manage hosts used to execute tasks.

Administration App

Features List

Files Management

The Administration application displays a files manager like Window's File Explorer:

Administration Files Manager

This files tree allows you to:

All files managed by Kraken are accessible and editable from this File Manager named 'Applications' visible on the left of the application:

Gatling Folder

This folder contains the default configuration files for the Gatling application.

Kraken makes a copy of this folder for every user that connect to the Gatling frontend application, the detail of Gatling configuration files is described here.

Tasks Folder

The tasks folder contains two sub-folders used depending on the environment Kraken is running on: docker and kubernetes.

Each one contains the following files:

  • configuration.yaml Lists all available task types, how many containers are required for each and specifies the default environment variables such as memory and CPU requests/limits,
  • gatling-debug.yaml A template used to start a DEBUG task (a docker-compose template for Docker and a Pod specification for Kubernetes),
  • gatling-record.yaml Same for RECORD,
  • gatling-run.yaml and RUN.

Hosts Management

Hosts Table

This table displays the available hosts.