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Files Manager Usage

The Kraken's File Manager behaves like any heavy client: It displays a tree of files and folders, allows you to select, open and manipulate its content.

Administration Files Manager

Show / Hide Panel

Click on the panel title 'Configuration' to hide/show the Files Manager.


All panels on the side of Kraken application can be hidden/shown by clicking on their title.

Resize Panel

Resize the 'Configuration' panel by dragging its edges.


Most panels in Kraken application can resized by dragging their edges. Look for blue vertical/horizontal lines when hovering panel sides to know when you can resize them.

Keyboard Mapping (Shortcuts)

The following keyboard shortcuts are available when the files tree is selected (a blue border indicates the currently selected tree):

Keyboard Mapping Action
ENTER Expand/Collapse a directory
LEFT Collapse a directory or select the previous file
RIGHT Expand a directory or select the next file
UP Select the previous file
DOWN Select the next file
SHIFT + UP Add the previous file to the selection
SHIFT + DOWN Add the next file to the selection
CTRL + C Copy the selected files
CTRL + X Cut the selected files
CTRL + V Paste the previously cut/copied files
DEL Delete the selected files ( + CTRL to skip the dialog)
F2 Renames the selected file or directory

List Files and Directories

The Files Manager lets you visualise the files tree structure. Most actions are available via:

  • Buttons on top of the manager,
  • Buttons on each tree node (file or directory),
  • Contextual menus (right click) on files or on the plain root part of the manager.
  • Left-click menus (same as contextual ones) displayed by clicking on the 3 dots icons Menu Icon


Drag and drop is not currently available: you cannot drag a file from a folder to another one. Please use the Cut and Paste feature instead.

Expand / Collapse the Files Tree

Browse through the files and folders hierarchy by expanding (or collapsing) folders.

  • Simply click on the leftmost expand icon Expand Icon to display a folder's content,
  • Click on the leftmost collapse icon Collapse Icon to hide a folder's content.


Double click on a folder to toggle its collapsed/expanded state.


Click on the Expand tree icon on top of the panel to expand all folders at once.

Select Files and Folders

Just like in any other file manager, multi-selection is done by using CTRL and SHIFT keys:

  • Press the CTRL key while clicking on a tree node to add it to the selection (Or to remove it from the selection if it was already selected),
  • Press the SHIFT key while clicking on a tree node to add all nodes between the furthermost tree node and this new node to the selection.


In case of a multiple selection, you can only display the contextual menu with a right-click. Clicking on a menu icon will select the corresponding file before displaying the menu.

By default, the selection in the Files Manager is linked to the selection in the Files Editor. So if you select a tab in the editor, the corresponding file node is selected in the tree.


Disable this behavior by clicking on the (Un)Link selection button at the top of the Files Manager.

Open Files

To open a file in the Files Editor, either:

  • Double-click on the file name in the tree,
  • Click on the edit icon next to the file name Edit Icon.

Create Files and Directories

Two actions are available from the contextual menus:

  • New File
  • New Directory


You can add new files and folders at the root of the files tree or inside an existing directory.

Both options open a dialog to select the name of the file/folder:

File Name Dialog

Type the file name and click on Ok to create it.

Delete Files

Just like the Cut and Paste, you can:

  • Delete the selected files and directories using the DEL. keyboard shortcut,
  • Delete files and folders using the contextual menus.

The following dialog is shown:

Delete Files Dialog

Click on the Ok button to confirm the delete operation.


Pressing the CTRL key while deleting skips the dialog (use with caution).

Cut, Copy and Paste

Cutting and pasting files allows you to move then across the files tree structure. This can be done in several ways:

  • By selecting files with the mouse and using keyboard shortcuts:
    • CTRL + C to copy the selected files and folders,
    • CTRL + X to cut them,
    • CTRL + V to paste the previously cut/copied selection into the current one.
  • By selecting files with the mouse and using the contextual-menu corresponding items (right-click on the selection).
  • By opening the menu Menu Icon for individual files.


You can delete files and folders the same way (DEL. keyboard shortcut).

Upload and Download

Files Upload

You can upload files to the root of the files tree or inside an existing folder.

Simply click on the Upload menu item. The following dialog lets you select the file(s) to upload:

Upload Files Dialog

The upload starts automatically when you select the files.


You can upload multiple files in the same folder at once.

Files and Folders Download

Downloading a file or folder is even simpler: just click on the Download menu item.


Folders are downloaded as .zip archives.