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Hosts Table Usage

Hosts Table

The Hosts table displays the list of available hosts (Kraken Kubernetes Only). It displays one host for every Kubernetes node that is not a master node (!


The table is empty on Kraken Docker. Only one static host can be used (the local machine) to execute task.

Column Description Tip
ID The ID of the host. Only hosts with an ID can be used to execute a task (The com.kraken/hostId label is used to identify K8s nodes that Kraken can use. You can filter generated Grafana reports on these IDs.
Name The host name. Local on Docker, the node name on Kubernetes.
Addresses A list of addresses.
CPU The number of allocatable CPU units/the total number of CPU units. See Kubernetes nodes capacity
Memory The allocatable memory/the total memory. See Kubernetes nodes capacity
Owner The host owner. Public if anyone can use it, a user ID otherwise.

Hosts IDs on Kubernetes are automatically generated by the backend on startup. You can update them using the buttons on the right of the table:

  • Set Host ID: updates the host ID,
  • Detach Host: removes the host ID (cannot be used to run tasks anymore),
  • Attach Host: set the host ID (can be used to run tasks).

Hosts Table Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available when the Hosts Table is selected (a blue border around the table indicates that it has the focus):

Keyboard Mapping Action
UP Select the previous host
DOWN Select the next host
DEL Detaches the host ( + CTRL to skip the dialog)
ENTER Attach/Set ID for the selected host