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Debug Editor Usage

Kraken allows you to import HAR files and compare the requests sent / responses received with a load test debug.

Each couple of request/response is stored in a .debug JSON file.

Debug Editor

The following information is displayed for each request sent during the record or the test:

Field Description Example
Request Request identifier request_1
Date Time when the request was sent 18:45:10:075
Request Status Request OK/KO Status KO - error message
URL Request Type (GET, POST, ...) and URL POST
Request Headers Table of HTTP request headers Accept: application/json, text/plain, */*
Request Cookies List of request cookies PLAY_FLASH=success=Computer+Beautiful+Computer+has+been+created, path=/, HTTPOnly
Request Body Content of the request Body {"id":"","name":"New Project"}
Response Code HTTP Response Code 404
Response Headers Table of HTTP response headers Content-Type application/json;charset=UTF-8
Response Body Content of the response Body {"id":"AWpaiVGgnBB5lYSBsC-i","name":"New Project"}


Place your mouse over the green info button next to the request name to display the Session information.

Session Info

Click on it to open a dialog that displays the session.


You can click on the Open Icon icon to open the response body in a new browser tab:

Debug Editor Response Body]