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Gatling Script Editor Usage

Gatling is a powerful open-source load and performance testing tool for web applications.

Kraken supports the import, edition, debug and execution of .scala Gatling scripts.

Gatling Script Editor


As seen in the above screenshot, display a list of possible keywords by pressing simultaneously CTRL + SPACE.

The Gatling script editor also includes Code Snippets (also activated by pressing CTRL + SPACE):

Gatling Editor Code Snippet

Code snippet Description
pck Defines the script package: package ${1:package_name}
impg Imports a Gatling package: import io.gatling.${1:package_name}._
imps Imports all default packages: io.gatling.core, io.gatling.http and scala.concurrent.duration
class Creates a new Simulation class: class ${1:class_name} extends Simulation {...}
obj Defines a new object: object ${1:object_name} {...}
reqg Creates a new GET request: http("${1:request_name}").get("${2:url}") [...]
reqp Creates a new POST request: http("${1:request_name}").post("${2:url}") [...]
http Creates a new HTTP configuration: http.baseUrl("${1:url}")

Press TAB to switch from editing each part of the snippet or to leave the edition mode.

Debug and Run

To debug a Gatling script, click on the Debug Icon button in the top right corner of the application.

To execute a Gatling script, click on the Play Icon button in the top right corner of the application.

Keyboard Mapping (Shortcuts)

In addition to the default shortcuts for all file editors, the Gatling Simulation editor adds the following ones:

Keyboard Mapping Action
CTRL + SHIFT + X Debug the Gatling script
CTRL + SHIFT + D Execute the Gatling script

Gatling DSL

Please refer to Gatling's Cheat Sheet.