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OVH Managed Kubernetes Service Cluster

OVH Kubernetes Cluster Installation

OVH is a French cloud computing company that offers dedicated servers as well as cloud solutions. OVH owns the world's largest datacentre in surface area and they are the largest hosting provider in Europe.

OVH offers a Managed Kubernetes Service powered by OVH's Public Cloud instances. Basically they handle the control plane for you. All you have to do is start worker nodes.

To deploy Kraken on OVH you first need to create a Kubernetes Cluster:

  • Connect to the OVH control panel,
  • Select the Public Cloud > Managed Kubernetes Service section,
  • And click on Create a cluster.

OVH Public Cloud


  • Select a geographical location,
  • Use the latest (1.17) K8s version,
  • Type a name and click on Send.

OVH Create Kubernetes Cluster

When the cluster is created:

OVH Add Kubernetes Nodes

Head back to the Service tab and click on the kubeconfig link at the bottom of the page:

OVH kubeconfig.yam Download

You are now done with the OVH console. Copy the content of the downloaded kubeconfig.yml file into ~/.kube/config (this allows the kubectl command to connect to your K8s cluster).

Check if the Kubernetes nodes are ready using the command bellow:

> kubectl get nodes --watch
kraken-1   Ready      <none>   47s   v1.17.0
kraken-2   NotReady   <none>   6s    v1.17.0

Ingress Controller

When both are ready create a namespace dedicated to an Ingress controller:

> kubectl create namespace nginx-ingress
namespace/nginx-ingress created

Install NGINX-Ingress using Helm:

> helm install --namespace nginx-ingress nginx-ingress stable/nginx-ingress --set rbac.create=true --set controller.publishService.enabled=true
NAME: nginx-ingress
LAST DEPLOYED: Thu Mar 12 16:34:49 2020
NAMESPACE: nginx-ingress
STATUS: deployed

Wait for the External IP to be allocated:

> kubectl get service nginx-ingress-controller -n nginx-ingress --watch
NAME                       TYPE           CLUSTER-IP     EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)                      AGE
nginx-ingress-controller   LoadBalancer   <pending>     80:30713/TCP,443:32238/TCP   37s
nginx-ingress-controller   LoadBalancer   80:30713/TCP,443:32238/TCP   3m37s

Proceed to the Kraken helm chart installation and your Kraken application will be available at the IP address given in the EXTERNAL-IP column (here