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Kraken Kubernetes Installation Pre-requisites

Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes is a platform for managing containerized workloads and services. The Kubernetes version of Kraken executes its tasks by creating Pods on the available nodes of a K8S cluster.

So, the first prerequisite is a functioning Kubernetes cluster with an Ingress controller installed. The cluster must be accessible from your local machine with the command kubectl: kubectl installation guide.

There are several ways to get your hands on a K8S cluster if you don't already have one available:

A Kubernetes installation of Kraken on a K8S cluster requires:


Kubectl is a command-line tool that allows you to run commands against Kubernetes clusters.

Please refer to the official documentation to install kubectl on linux.


Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes. Packages are called Charts. They help you define, install, and upgrade many Kubernetes applications.

Helm Installation

Having Helm installed locally eases the installation of Kraken.

It is simple using their installation script:

curl -fsSL -o
chmod 700

OctoPerf's Helm Repository

Kraken's Helm Chart is available on OctoPerf's Helm repository.

Add it to Helm with the command:

> helm repo add octoperf
"octoperf" has been added to your repositories

Refresh Helm's repositories:

> helm repo update
Hang tight while we grab the latest from your chart repositories...
...Successfully got an update from the "octoperf" chart repository
...Successfully got an update from the "stable" chart repository
Update Complete. ⎈ Happy Helming!⎈ 

You may list available charts in OctoPerf's repository:

> helm search repo octoperf
NAME                        CHART VERSION   APP VERSION DESCRIPTION                                       
octoperf/enterprise-edition 11.4.1          11.4.1      Official OctoPerf Helm Chart for Enterprise-Edi...
octoperf/kraken             1.0.1           2.0.0-rc1   Official OctoPerf Helm Chart for Kraken 

Helm is now installed and configured, you can proceed to Krakren's Helm chart installation.