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Kraken Linux Installation



Kraken runs on Docker. Please install at least Docker CE version 18.09.6. Instructions for Ubuntu (and other Linux distributions) can be found on Docker's Linux installation manual page.


Please install at least docker-compose version 1.23.1. Instructions can be found on Docker's docker-compose installation manual page.


Kraken's script runs docker-compose as a non root user. So please follow the post installation instructions to manage Docker as a non-root user.

Download Instructions

Kraken is packaged as a zip archive that contains:

  • A start script,
  • An script,
  • Configuration files for docker-compose and its various docker components.

Please download and extract the latest version of Kraken by OctoPerf.


Kraken's host data folder is passed as an environment variable to application.

Do not install Kraken in a path that contains specials characters.

Installation Instructions

In the extracted archive folder, execute the script as a non-root user.

This scripts initializes some environment variables and then runs docker-compose up using the included docker-compose.yml file.

Once every Docker container has started, you can:

Post Installation Instructions

Once Kraken is running, a folder named data should be created in the installation directory.

This data folder contains all default Gatling scripts and configuration files. You can synchronize it on Git or any other version-control system to keep track of your work.


The content of this data folder is only initialized if it is empty.

Execute the command docker-compose down to remove Kraken's Docker containers. Next time you run ./, the data folder content will be kept.


If you wish to completely remove Kraken from your system, simply run the script. It will stop and remove all Docker containers and clear the data folder.